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About Us




Trades Hotel has a long tradition of providing a unique environment where gay and bisexual men can meet with like-minded people, relax completely, enjoy the finest beers, wines and spirits in our bar, follow-up a great night with an excellent breakfast, and much, much more.

Trades Hotel is your perfect pied-a-terre for the Blackpool gay scene - we cater exclusively for gay/bisexual men, so you can go and enjoy all the gay-friendly and mixed delights of Blackpool's night-life, and then return to your own excellent and exclusively men-only environment.

This is why we describe ourselves as a "Members Only" hotel - in order to be able to cater solely for gay men without contravening anti-discrimination legislation, we must apply admission criteria: as long as you are a gay/bisexual man over the age of 18, your purchase of your room-rental gives you membership of our exclusive space for the duration of your stay.

Our Booking Form Disclaimer clarifies things: “Trades Hotel is a Private Members Hotel which provides a private retreat for gay men to socialise and make new acquaintances, whilst staying in the Hotel. The Management encourages propriety at all times at the Hotel among Members and Guests, but is not responsible for any actions or behaviours anywhere in the hotel which may cause offence. If any activity performed by sexually-active gay men in a private situation is likely to cause you offence, then you should not stay at Trades Hotel; your signing of your Booking Form confirms that you fully understand and accept the foregoing – we hope you enjoy your stay!”

We must also point out that due to Licensing Laws, only Residents at the Hotel are permitted to purchase alcohol from the Hotel Bar, but Residents can also buy alcohol for consumption by their Guests. A Bar Pass Card will be issued to Residents at their checking-in, and they will be asked to produce this card to authorise their purchase of alcohol. A Guest Book at the Hotel Bar will need to be completed for all Residents' Guests.

OK guys - you've got the picture! Trades Hotel is YOUR space, and YOU make it the great place it is. Please add some Feedback, and we'll do all we can to make sure that Trades Hotel is exactly the place you want it to be.

...now please read on!