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About Us




For over 20 years, Trades Hotel has been a unique meeting-place for gay men, a place where no barriers exist, where it's been possible to meet gay men from all walks of life, and completely relax and enjoy each other's company.

As said by one customer who's been coming to Trades Hotel for as long as it's existed, "It's the bar here that's so amazing - I've met and made friends with an impossibly diverse range of guys over the years, guys who I couldn't have met anywhere else, and we all come back regularly to catch up and have a great time together."

By catering exclusively for gay men over such an extended period, Trades Hotel has built up a reputation for providing the perfect environment - safe, friendly, and intimate; here, you can completely relax and be yourself - a tradition we guard well.

Since November 2004, Trades Hotel has been owned and operated by JemGold Hotels Ltd., a gay organization committed to maintaining the traditions of Trades, and investing in improvements. We're delighted with the positive feedback we get from long-term customers, who come back for the welcome and seclusion they've always had at Trades, and who appreciate the new features and improvements in quality and decor.

Trades Hotel has always provided a unique service to the gay community, and we all take great pride in maintaining its traditions; if you've visited us before, you'll be warmly welcomed back, and if you've yet to try our brand of hospitality, we think you'll really enjoy it, and become a regular, long-term visitor too. Our room rates are always competitive, so you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by coming to see us - just give us a call or drop us an email, and we'll look forward to making a new long-term friend!